Greenex Energy SA is an emerging leader in the base oil trade, distributing its oil products to serve the markets in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. The company stands for high-quality energy. As an independent Swiss service company, we specialized in physical Base Oil Trading and Distribution worldwide and strive to always provide our customers with the best tailored business solutions. This includes our team’s profound expertise in base oil products, proven track record in sourcing, processing, trading activities, mastering of financing services, optimization of logistics operations and storage facilities, as well as worldwide physical distribution of our petrochemical products.

The total satisfaction of our customers and partners is our absolute ambition. In order to reach this excellence, we have built Greenex Energy SA on three main pillars:

  • long-term business relationships
  • absolute supply security
  • team of experienced, reliable and proven professionals

We commit on establishing strong sustainable and durable relationships with our customers and partners, which are based on trust, expertise and performance. Furthermore, the securing of the base oil supply today and in the future is at the very heart of our business. Our international team of high-level industry experts unifies deep knowledge and a broad contact- and partner network within the Russian & CIS markets. This strategic combination allows us to access a very broad range of Base Oil Categories and safely deliver them worldwide.


We invite you to experience our unique way of doing business and are looking forward to solve your base oil challenges.


Products Trading

With our extensive and successful track record in base oil products trading, we are connecting markets, while progressively expanding our trading activities around the world. While seizing market opportunities and actively improving our supplier network, we are able to constantly optimize your base oil supply.

Logistics & Distribution

Logistics infrastructure and high-level long-term logistics partnerships ensures us almost indefinite flexibility when it comes to planning and optimization of our logistics. Greenex Energy SA is your expert in bridging geographical distances and provides the operations linked to successful base oil trading.

Base Oil Products

We propose a large portfolio of base oil products of first, second and third group. Our supplier network gives us the necessary flexibility and enables us to meet any your technical and volume requirements. Thanks to our solid expertise in different markets, we deliver our products tailored to your needs and geographical location.

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Greenex Energy SA operates a network of storage facilities located in the ARA area and the Baltics. In order to constantly optimize our logistic operations and improve proximity to the consumer markets, we are continuously expanding our facilities in strategic locations.

To meet with the highest international standards and customers’ expectations, we integrate only first class facilities & equipment in our operations. This allows us to maintain high order-lead time and immediate delivery of our products, as well as the availability to execute blending operations of top quality virgin paraffinic base oils.

We deliver through a vast network and according to your needs:

  • ex-shore tanks (Dordrecht, Netherlands / Latvia, Baltics)
  • in tankers (2’000-15’000 mt)
  • in flexi-tanks (single- / multi-layer) or in ISO-tanks
  • by truckload


Greenex Energy SA offers a broad product portfolio of different base oil categories and types. Having a very solid expertise in the Russian & CIS market, we specialize in the trade of Russian and European origin products, but not exclusively. We expanded our portfolio to Middle East, Asian and American origin products, covering the entire range of your base oil needs.

Group I Group II Group III
SN-80 N-100 VHVI-4 cst
SN-100 N-150 VHVI-6 cst
SN-150 N-220 VHVI-8 cst
SN-350 N-500  
SN-500 N-600  
M-20 (Mid BS)    


Base Oils Trading & Distribution Worldwide - Greenex Energy SA


Head Office

    Rue du Perron 1
Geneva, Switzerland

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Representative Office

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Moscow, Russia

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Representative Office

Begonya Sokak, N°49, B Blok/9, PK 34843
Maltepe, Istanbul, Turkey

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Greenex Energy WAF Ltd

295A Surulere Way Dolphin Estate
Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

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Representative Office

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 522 76 48 72


Base Oils Trading & Distribution Worldwide - Greenex Energy SA

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